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Tutorials TBM 2D are Coming!

Updated: Jul 20, 2021


Licence Local Installation.

- Click on Activate Trial button to activate plugin for 15 days period.

- To install the Licence on a server, you have to save your licence key in a text file that you wil name like: TBM_2D.key (BECAREFULL: NO WORD WRAP) then save it in a directory that exists in environment variable MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH.

- To query the paths in MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH type the python command :

import os

for p in os.environ['MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH'].split(';'):

print p


How to create a Basic Eye ?

How to use le 3DFx Node ?


Coming soon !

- How to Rig an eye?

- How to create a mouth?

- How to rig a mouth?

- How to render TBM textures.

- What are Draw Styles?

- How to Export a rigged TBM 2D Texture .

- How to Import a rigged TBM 2D Texture.

TBM 2D Discord Channel:

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