TBM 2D Tutorials are coming !

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Local Installation licence Tutorial.

- Click on Activate Trial button for a 15 days trial period.

- To install Licence on server save your licence key in a file TBM_2D.key in a directory that is in MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH environment variable.

- To get MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH use this python command:

import os

for p in os.environ['MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH'].split(';'):

print p

How To Create Basic Eye Texture Tutorial.

How To Use A 3DFx Node Tutorial.

Coming Soon !

- How To Rig An Eye Texture.

- How To Create A Mouth Texture.

- How To Rig A Mouth Texture.

- How To Render TBM2D Textures.

- What Are Draw Styles?

- Exporting A Rigged TBM 2D Texture.

- Importing A Rigged TBM 2D Texture.

TBM 2D Discord Channel:


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