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KiNG - Facial Rig - Demo


We are proud to share our demo of the facial rig we did for King, the lion cub for Mathematic Studio. No retake on since the first delivery !!!


  • Facial Shapes Modeling.

Thank you Nicolas Morel for all the incredible shapes done !

  • Facial Rig :

Christophe Petit/The Beast Makers.

  • Final Body Rig:

Supervised by Christophe Petit/The beast Makers

  • 38 Shots Animation

Great Animation Team :

Rémi Gamiette

Anton Blake

Florent Perrin

Eric Prébendé

Emmanuelle Graduel

  • 110 Shots Ziva rigged and Simulated !

Our Great Anatomy and Ziva specialist:

Tristan Cordeboeuf / The Beast Makers using Ziva Dynamics !

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